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Wake Up Gorgeous!

Silk Perfect

100% pure Mulberry silk pillowcases


Sleeping on the rough fibres of traditional cotton, linen or polyester pillowcases can cause facial creases which, in the long term, contribute to the formation of lines and wrinkles. These fabrics can also wick away moisture from the skin and wipe away night creams, limiting their effect.

Recent consumer surveys found that 77% of users felt their temperature was better regulated and skin felt more hydrated, while 73% felt that their skin was smoother and 76% agreed that there was an improvement in skin texture.


Banish Bed Head for good with SilkPerfect! Silk is exceptionally smooth on a microscopic level which helps to avoid friction of the hair shaft, leaving your locks looking glossy and smooth from the moment you wake. Silk is made up of strings of amino acid which has the same ph level as your skin. These proteins help to prevent frizzing and split ends. Silk reduces the loss of natural hair oils and moisture by preventing osmosis, leaving its natural shine intact. Youthful, full bodied, healthy hair is as easy as getting some shut eye!

Recent consumer surveys found that 79% felt their hair frizz was improved, while 80% saw a reduction in knots and tangles.

Silk at 500micron Cotton at 500micron SilkPerfect's effect on your hair Effect of a Cotton pillowcase

Silk at 500micron

Cotton at 500micron

SilkPerfect's effect on your hair

Effect of a Cotton pillowcase


SilkPerfect's luxury silk pillowcases are naturally hypoallergenic and repellent to the thousands of mites that live in your pillow. Silk is made up of the proteins "Sericin" and "Fibroin" which contain properties that to prevent the growth of mites and mould. The closely woven nature of silk makes it is inhospitable for dust mites and an excellent barrier against irritants - properties that have proven to ease conditions such as eczema and asthma.


  • Unbleached, 100% Mulberry silk, natural Ivory in colour
  • Remarkably soft and smooth in two finishes
  • Designed specifically by SilkPerfect for health & beauty
  • Minimise ageing & wrinkles - think how much you spend on night creams which are then brushed away by your current pillowcase!
  • Stamp out "bed hair"
  • Repel dust mites
  • Machine Washable on a gentle or "silk" cycle
  • The same postage & packaging charge to anywhere in the World
  • 110% money-back if you don't feel a difference in your hair or skin (see Terms & Conditions)


Spend over £29.99 and get an eyemask free (while stocks last)

SilkPerfect Platinum

SilkPerfect Platinum

75cm X 50 cm 100% Mulberry Silk (shiny)
Specially formulated to help you to wake up with luxuriously smooth hair. Nurtures your hair following treatments such as colouring, straightening, extensions and even chemotherapy. Recommended by Royal hairdresser Denise McAdam, as well as celebrity stylists. See results the first morning, or your money back.

Add to Cart   Pillowcase: £34.99 each
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SilkPerfect Continental

SilkPerfect Continental

65cm X 65cm Habotai (matt finish)
16 momme with unique treatment and pillow retention

Add to Cart   Pillowcase each £29.99

Pure Silk Eyemask

SilkPerfect Eyemask

Pure Silk Eyemask to help prevent premature ageing around the eyes. With gentle nose pad for comfort and light blockage.

Add to Cart   £12.99 each.
(FREE if you spend £29.99 or more) images/silkperfect_eyemask_thumb.jpg

Postage & Packaging is £4.59 regardless of worldwide location or the number of pillowcases you order.


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