"It’s good to know that no dyes or chemicals are used - thanks for being so helpful."

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"After sleeping on a SilkPerfect pillowcase..."

79% Agreed that hair frizz was improved.

"I first purchased your silk pillowcases following a treatment of chemotherpy during which I lost all my hair and found even cotton pillowcases uncomfortable to sleep on. I have used them ever since and even take them on holiday with me. A wonderful product."

"I am impressed. Bought the silk pillowcase for my skin - the improvement in my hair was an unexpected extra."

"I noticed a huge difference straight away!"

"I really think your pillows are fantastic, my one year old daughter will sleep on nothing else!!!!" "I find the pillow slip excellent and have told loads of friends about it."


"After sleeping on a SilkPerfect pillowcase..."

77% Agreed that their skin felt more hydrated and comfortable.

73% Felt their skin was smoother. Did you notice an improvement in skin texture?

76% Agreed

Do you find your moisturiser rubs off less?

"It was the lack of lines from pillows that were the best result for me as I sleep with my face into the pillow."

"I don't have any sleep lines on my face anymore, it's just great!"


"It definitely works."

"Yes I find that my creams keep my skin much smoother now."

"I would find it very difficult to change back to a cotton pillow case."

"Yes! Yes! Yes! pure luxury."


If you suffer from Eczema, have your symptoms reduced since you started using SilkPerfect? Does your skin feel more comfortable?

100% Agreed - 83% noticed a difference within 1 week.

11% of respondents said they suffered from Eczema.

"I definitely think my skin has improved although I will always still get outbreaks of eczema as there is no cure but it is just so lovely to sleep on and my skin does feels smoother."

If you suffer from Asthma, have you found your symptoms reduced since sleeping on SilkPerfect?

16% of respondents said they suffered from Asthma.

56% Agreed.

Only 31% of respondents DO NOT worry about Dust Mites in their bedding.

"I have developed an allergic reaction to dust mites in recent years..i.e. some days woke up sneezing non stop...not anymore."

77% felt that SilkPerfect pillowcases helped to better regulate their temperature at night.

"I do suffer from hot flushes and have noticed a difference."

"Silk feels cool next to the skin during the summer when it can be very hot during the night."

"fantastic on a hot night."

"I suffered greatly from hot flushes and night sweats after my cancer treatment and they really helped to cool me down when I turned them over."


93% of respondents:

Feel that SilkPerfect feel more luxurious than their previous pillowcase and would recommend SilkPerfect to a friend...

"And have done to several of my friends who have since purchased them from you."

"Definitely, have done to all my family."

"I have given them as an engagement present and birthday presents."

"I love my wee bit of luxury every night!"

"I would never want to go back to cotton pillowcases again."

"I really love my pillowcase and will be purchasing more in the near future and thank you for wanting my comments."

"Great pillows, great service - keep doing what you're doing!"

"I was very impressed by the service. Easy ordering, fast service and nice little touches!"

62 Responses - zero positive/negative response inference. 93.3% Female respondents, 6.6% Male. Results are from respondents that expressed an opinion on the question.

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