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It is estimated that after sun damage, one of the biggest causes of skin ageing comes from sleeping on traditional cotton, linen or polyester pillowcases. These fabrics have a high absorbency rate stealing moisture to leave the skin in desperate need of a thirst quench. Dried out skin is naturally prone to ageing, while sleeping on what is a relatively rough surface can significantly contribute to the formation of lines and creases. Silk proactively retains moisture, while the fine soft nature of the fibres provides a smooth base for you to rest your head.

Expensive night creams promise to hold back the years, but sleeping on rough cotton pillowcases can limit their effect. By preventing osmosis SilkPerfect helps to keep product on the skin, helping to make the most of your beauty and grooming routine.

You may not wish to spend many hundreds on silk duvets, sheets and coverings... but you can bring these exceptional benefits to your face immediately with affordable SilkPerfect pillowcases.


How many hair care products promote "hair like silk" or profess silk content? This is because for centuries silk has been used to protect and enhance the shininess and quality of hair. The proteins and anti-frizz in our silk pillowcases that beauty products strive to replicate will ensure that your hair looks more beautiful than ever from the moment you wake. In addition, sleeping on silk reduces the loss of natural hair oils and moisture by preventing osmosis, leaving its natural glossy shine intact, while the close pores created by silk prevents the rubbing friction often associated with pillows leaving hair radiating with shine. Say goodbye to bed head forever!


The warmth and humidity in modern UK homes provide an ideal breeding environment for dust mites, a key allergen known to increase the symptoms of asthma and eczema. SilkPerfect 100% luxury silk pillowcases are naturally hypoallergenic making them repellent to the hundreds of house mites that commonly live in bedding. Silk contains the amino acid "Sericin" which holds an anti-acarid property to prevent the growth of mites and mould. As a result, silk is inhospitable to dust mites, making it the perfect alternative to down. In addition, the closely woven nature of silk provides an excellent barrier against dust mites.


Cultivated silk is more durable than wild silk because silkworms grown in captivity are fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves and care is taken to ensure the cocoon each of the silkworms weaves is kept intact to that when it is softened and unwound into a silk thread filament it stays in once piece. A single cocoon of a cultivated silkworm can be up to 1,600 yards long, and a thread of silk is stronger than a thread of steel of the same diameter!
Silk thread is typically four-eight silk thread filaments twisted together. Silk naturally tends to adhere to itself so silk filaments bond - making them less likely to pull apart even after years of use. 100% silk's natural fungal repellence and lack of chemicals in processing means that it doesn't deteriorate and is mould and mildew resistant.


Silk is naturally fire retardant material which makes it a brilliant choice as bedding. It is highly recommended for babies and children.


SilkPerfect pillowcases are best hand washed, but can easily be cleaned using the silk or hand wash cycle of a washing machine. Using a gentle silk detergent (such as Dreft) and cool water (around 30°C) are recommended. SilkPerfect pillowcases should then be air dried out of direct sunlight. The fast drying nature of the fabric means this takes no time at all!


Yes! SilkPerfect's pillowcases are 100% pure, natural silk direct from the Far East. Our Premiére and Continental "momme" (weight) is 16 as any heavier and the silk can feel rougher like crepe, whilst Púr are 12 momme for supremely gentle softness (with a cotton underside to prevent them slipping from your bed!). The specific treatment to promote softness and less shine on our Habotai pillowcases is a secret. Our constitution means your pillowcases are durable, soft, caring and luxurious: specially designed for your skin, hair and bedroom.

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SilkPerfect's unique pillowcases: the beauty secret used in Beverley Hills and by tens of thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

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