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Why SilkPerfect?


SilkPerfect is perhaps the most intensively researched product on the marketplace - both in terms of the science behind silk, and the 15 different variations before settling on the exact SilkPerfect pillowcases made available to consumers.

We do not believe in running-down competitors as all silk pillowcases will bring you benefits to varying degrees.

The concept for SilkPerfect emerged many years ago whilst the owner lived in Malaysia working for a fashion and lifestyle magazine. Many of the older Chinese women would use silk wraps or pillowcases for their hair, and some of the younger models turned up for photo shoots wearing them. When asked what they were for, they espoused the huge advantages for their hair and skin and couldn't understand why more in the West didn't use them.

Upon returning to the UK, the founder's silk pillowcases needed replacing after many years' good use, but he couldn't find any non-shiny ones readily available. Thus many manufacturers were met with in China, the home of silk, and more than 15 different silk styles, softness and thicknesses were extensively tested before the current unique formulation was settled upon.

One of the thickest silk pillowcases on the market, yet still incredibly soft SilkPerfect pride themselves on quality and comfort. Avoiding harsh chemicals to ensure the purest result, SilkPerfect pillowcases are available in their natural ivory colour. Blending seamlessly into your home décor - you needn't compromise on style to feel the benefits.

Today SilkPerfect pillowcases are bought across Europe, America, Africa, the Antipodes - and are even sold to China where the ancient concept originated!


  • The process of silk-making was developed in ancient China, possibly as early as 6000 BC. Legend gives credit to the Chinese empress, Xi Ling-Shi.
  • For many millennia the protection of the secrets surrounding the production of silk were officially punishable by death in China.
  • Although other countries are now known for their silk making abilities, the Chinese are still the true connoisseurs and produce about half the silk made in the entire world.
  • The cultivation of silk is called "sericulture".
  • Mongols used silk as part of the under-armor garments. Silk is tough enough that it was used as very light armor, though its special use was to stop arrow penetration into the body. The silk would stop an arrow from penetrating far enough into the body to be lethal, and the arrow could be pulled out of the wound by tugging on the unbroken silk.
  • Silk is made up of 17 amino acids.
  • A silkworm multiplies its weight 10,000 times from time it is hatched until 1 month later, when it has enough energy stored to start spinning its cocoon.
  • The white cocoon spun by a silkworm is one long continuous filament that, when unwound, is usually between 600 and 900 meters but can be a mile long!
  • SilkPerfect silk comes from the Bombyx mori moth, which produces the finest and purest silk, due to a diet that consists only of chopped mulberry leaves. The silkworms are fed every half hour 48 times a day.
  • It takes around 30,000 silkworms to produce 12 pounds of raw silk.
  • The Emperor Justinian is reputed to have stolen the secret of silk production via two monks, who hid the details in the hollow shafts of their walking staffs.


  • 75cm X 50cm with "tucks" to retain your pillow
  • Unbleached, 100% natural silk, Ivory in colour
  • Machine washable on "Silk" cycles.
  • One of the thickest silk pillowcases on the market, yet still incredibly soft
  • Three varieties to blend in with your bedroom
  • Prevents your expensive nightcreams from being wicked-away at night
  • The same postage & packaging charge to anywhere in the World
  • Helps to prevent follicle breakage due to continuous hair styling (ie straightening, extensions, chemical treatment etc)

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